Tips for Choosing a Great Concealed Carry Handgun

Tips for Choosing a Great Concealed Carry HandgunAre you in the process of trying to pick out a handgun that you plan to use as your concealed carry weapon? There are so many great handgun options available these days, but it’s important for you to pick the right one for your specific needs. You’ll also need something that will be easy to conceal on a day-to-day basis. Here are a few tips that will help you make the right decision.

Select a handgun based on your experience.

If this will be your first handgun, you probably don’t want to go with something that’s got too much kick. For example, larger caliber guns might be more than you can handle, so you should ease your way into the concealed carry lifestyle by going with something that will be a little bit easier for you to manage at first. The last thing you want to do is choose a handgun that you can’t use safely if necessary. It is a very good idea to try out guns before you purchase to be sure what type and caliber work for you.  By working with the folks at your local gun shop, you can find the best handgun for your current level of experience.

Make sure a handgun fits your body type.

When you have your handgun concealed, people shouldn’t be able to see it poking out of your shirt or pants. Instead, it should be discreetly tucked away out of sight. That means you’re not going to want to purchase a handgun that is too large for your frame. You’re going to be carrying this gun on a regular basis, so you want it to feel as comfortable as possible when you have it holstered.  Though Tennessee is an open or concealed state, we encourage our students and customers to carry concealed for additional safety.

Choose a handgun that is safe and reliable.

Above all else, the handgun that you choose should be safe and should work reliably when you need it to. You should research different types of handguns before purchasing, and take recommendations from a gun shop that has experience matching people with firearms that will work best for them.

At Top Brass Sports, we’d be happy to help you find the right concealed carry option for your unique needs. Stop by our shop or call us at 901-873-2264 today to learn more.

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