Handgun Permit Day Class

Handgun Permit training is an 8 hour course, you must complete to meet the State requirement to obtain your handgun permit.  We provide your ammo, target, instructor fee, lane fee and taxes for the cost of our class.  Please see our Home Page for the link to our Coupon for this class.

Once you have signed up for this Tennessee  handgun permit class you must click on this link to fill out the required state application to obtain the required confirmation number you must have to attend this class.  Please click here for the form: https://apps.tn.gov/handgun/

Cost of Training

Handgun Permit…$85.00*
Gun Rental… ….$10.00

*Notification to Students: the increase in class prices is only due to six consecutive ammunition price increases.  Though we try not increase our class fees, we also try to always provide everything our students need to attend class, which includes ammunition.

Fees to the State

Handgun Permit First Time – 8yr Permit               – $100
Handgun Permit First Time – Lifetime Permit        – $300


Handgun Permit Renewal Pricing:

Handgun Permit 8 Year Renewal                            – $50
Handgun Permit Renewal/Lifetime Upgrade           – $200

*You can only pay for and obtain the $200 Lifetime Permit for current permit holders when you are within six months of your expiration date and no sooner.

CLASS HOURS – 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

Classes Held Every Monday, Friday & Saturday by appointment only.


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