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Tips for Improving Your Trigger Pull

Tips for Improving Your Trigger PullDo you want to dramatically improve your accuracy on the range? The key is working on your trigger pull. A smooth trigger pull can make you a better, more consistent shooter and improve your accuracy in a variety of scenarios. Check a few of our favorite tips for improving your trigger pull below.

Make sure your firearm is suitable for gripping.

Is the firearm that you are currently using too large for you? Or are you simply not using an appropriate grip for it? Either way, you are going to notice a change in your accuracy if you can’t grip your firearm properly. You may want to consider the way you are holding your gun or even think about purchasing a different firearm if you can’t grip it effectively.

Practice your trigger pull with dry fire exercises.

What’s the point of shooting if you can’t see the result? That may be your attitude, but you can actually improve your shooting technique significantly by forming good habits when your gun is unloaded. Without the noise and recoil that comes with live fire exercises, you can watch and feel your firearm as you “shoot” to make sure you are achieving a smooth, straight, consistent trigger pull.

Resist the urge to flinch when firing.

The loud report of a gun causes some shooters to flinch when they pull the trigger. Even small, subtle motions can have a negative effect on accuracy, so you need to minimize that flinching as much as possible. Get a feel for where the trigger break is, take a deep breath and anticipate the shot before you fire.

Stay focused at all times.

Accuracy with a firearm requires physical and mental focus. You need to tune yourself into what you’re doing both before and after you pull the trigger, and pay close attention to your grip, your trigger pull and your target at all times. By going slowly and taking your time, you will start to see improvements in your trigger pull and overall accuracy.

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