Everyone is Better Off When Gals Have Guns

Everyone is Better Off When Gals Have GunsLast time, we took a look at that infographic rounding up some pretty interesting numbers on women and firearms. The headline is, of course, that the number of women involved in shooting is growing exponentially, and honestly, that is a win for everyone.

Here are just a few reasons why.

A Safer world

The more people who are trained in firearms safety and use, the safer we all are. A quick-thinking legal gun owner can literally save a life by deterring or stopping a criminal trying to cause harm to someone. You never know when you might be at a disadvantage, and the more well-trained legal gun owners there are out and about, the better off we all are.

The Gun Industry

There are exceptional American-made firearms – some would argue the best in the world – and it never hurts an economy when demand for a U.S.-made product increases. That means jobs on American soil.

Our Daughters

They’re going to grow up knowing how to handle a gun, how to respect it, clean it, store it safely and most importantly, exercise pristine judgment on how and when to use it. Our daughters will be safer than in generations past and confident in the knowledge that they can take care of themselves if it came down to it.

So what kind of impact will this influx of women have on the shooting world? We expect to see tremendous innovation in the coming years as manufacturers create firearms to fit smaller frames and designers create accessories that evolve with women’s fashion trends. As mothers teach their daughters to shoot and schools continue to emphasize science, technology and math, the next generation may well produce a brilliant firearms engineer who will change the way she and women everywhere handle firearms.

More immediately, though, look to store shelves as the surest evidence that the shooting demographic is evolving. Today, if you come in to Top Brass, in addition to rugged-looking holsters and gear bags, we can show you beautifully crafted concealed carry purses from Roma Leathers. These are high-quality bags that will last for years in classic lines and styles. Roma will certainly have some competition as young women grow up at the range, identify a need and invent the product to fill the need. Isn’t America great?

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