Importance of Having A Good Gun Grip

Importance of Having A Good Gun Grip

Importance of Having A Good Gun GripOne of the most critical components to handling a firearm is learning how to properly grip a gun. Gripping a firearm correctly allows the gun to function as it should and greatly eliminates common problems like malfunction, which is a direct result of a poor grip.

When you take your training course for obtaining your handgun permit, your instructor should demonstrate and assist with gripping a handgun. Most semi-automatic firearms take the energy from a previous shot to blow back the action. For this to occur, the user has to apply resistance against the blow back. If not enough resistance is applied, the entire gun will move, causing a malfunction.

Gripping a revolver is much different from the grip of a semi-automatic. With a revolver, the gun will not rest in your hands the same way as a semi-auto, rather it will sit back and down a little more. The larger the revolver, the further back and down your grip will be.

Correct Grip Protects The Firearm User Importance of Having A Good Gun Grip

Severe burns and cuts can result in the improper grip of a revolver. Hot gasses and particles are released from the revolver when a shot is made and if your fingers are near or covering the cylinder gap, you have a risk of injury.

You may also receive severe and deep lacerations from the slide on a semi-automatic pistol if you do not have your grip correct. You never want to cross one thumb over the top of the other at the back of the pistol. Always keep both thumbs to the side of the pistol.

At Top Brass Sports, safety is the first priority and is taken very seriously. For a comprehensive training on gripping a handgun, as well as firing and carrying, contact Top Brass Sports today. We have firearm courses available that teach you the complete fundamentals of firearm ownership.


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