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Class Schedules | Top Brass Sports

Class Schedules

Advanced Handgun Training | Top Brass Sports
Two to Four Hours of More Intensive Firearms Training for Security Officer and Police Officer depending on the Course you select. Course costs vary on the course and length and include Targets, Ammunition, Classroom and range instruction.

Armed Guard Training | Top Brass Sports
Armed Guard Classes are a 16 hour/2 day course, required by the State of TN to become an armed guard. You must be 21 YRS OF AGE to become an armed

Armed Guard Training

Recertification for Armed Guard | Top Brass Sports
Recertification for Armed Guards is a 4 hour course requirement by the State of TN to renew your armed guard license. We offer these classes both in the

Recertification for Armed Guard

Unarmed Guard | Top Brass Sports
UnArmed Guard training is a 4 hour course requirement by the State of TN to become an unarmed guard. You must be 18 YRS. OF AGE to become an unarmed

Unarmed Guard

Handgun Permit Day Class | Top Brass Sports
Handgun Permit training is an 8 hour course, you must complete this 8 hour session to meet the requirement by the State to obtain your handgun permit. Cost

Handgun Permit Day Class

Handgun Permit Ladies Only Class | Top Brass Sports
This Course has been temporarily discontinued.

Chemical Spray | Top Brass Sports
You Will Not Be Sprayed In This Class.

Chemical Spray

Training | Top Brass Sports
Complete Firearms Store OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED Range open during all business hours. We have a full line of factory and re-manufactured


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Top Brass Sports 4788 Navy Rd. Millington, Tennessee Phone: 901-873-2264 Email: You may receive future emails from after

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