Our range is open to the public; any persons over the age of 18 – or any over the age of 10 while accompanied by a guardian – are welcome!  At Top Brass Sports Range, safety comes first and is taken seriously. As such, all shooters must fill out a Range Liability release form and follow all rules and regulations of the range.  Protective ear and eyewear must be on prior to entering the range and at all times while in the range.  We offer protection to all patrons at the range, free of charge.  Shooters are welcome to use ammunition and targets purchased elsewhere, but targets must be inoffensive and in good taste.  Failure to comply with established and posted safety procedures is grounds for immediate cancellation of range privileges.

We offer a selection of security training courses, including unarmed and armed guard training.  Training courses include all State required paperwork and photo with handgun certification.  We provide courses for two-year recertification and chemical spray training.  In addition to security training, we also offer a state handgun training class required to obtain a carry permit.


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Range open during all business hours. Our accessories include belts, holsters and other shooting gear. 

Saftey Is The Key To Good

The Top Brass Sports range is open to anyone 18 yrs old for long guns and 21 for handguns or over, and to anyone 10 (must be able to reach over a 3.5′ bench rest) or over when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Shooters must fill out a Range Liability Release where they agree to comply with all of our safety and administrative rules and procedures. While shooters are free to purchase ammunition and targets at other locations, targets must also be in good taste and inoffensive. Shooters and observers who wish to enter the range must wear eye and hearing protection prior to entering, and must keep this protection on at all times while in the range area. Top Brass Sports, Inc. supplies suitable eye and hearing protection to all patrons while they are in the range free of charge.

We take your safety at our range seriously. Failure to follow the established and posted safety procedures is cause for immediate cancellation of range use privileges.

Consumer Friendly

Come by to visit our range at any time during regular business hours. We are at 4788 Navy Road in Millington TN. No appointment necessary for range use.
Call 901-873-2264 or come by to schedule yourself for the required handgun safety class for your carry permit.

Call 901-873-2264 or come by to schedule yourself for a security class.

Common Questions

Range Use – $15.00 per visit – no membership fee required
State Handgun Permit Class – $100.00* (includes ammo)

Security Training
• Unarmed (4 hours) $55.00
• Complete Armed (16 hours) $180.00*
• Includes both handgun qualifications and photos
• 2 year re-certification $80.00*
• Chemical spray training only $45.00
• Online State Application Assistance – New $25.00 Renewal $15.00

*Notification to Students: the increase in class prices is only due to Ammunition price increases, Range Maintenance costs and Instructor costs .  Though we try not increase our class fees, it is at times necessary to continue to provide everything our students need to attend class, which includes ammunition, operational range and Qualified Instructors.

Prices are effective as of January 2021